Sunday, December 28, 2008


Here is a photo from my brother and sister in laws house taken yesterday. This is my mother in law and father in law (they are the grown ups in the back :)
They are standing with all the grand kids but one. My niece Erin could not be with us at this get together. She was a lucky girl and got to take a little holiday get away with her other set of grandparents to Branson Missouri this weekend. We rarely get together to have a picture of everyone taken on this side of the family. Everyone is busy and it is so hard. But, here is a rare picture with my girls and their oldest cousins Kayli (she lives in Pennsylvania) and Amber (she goes to school in southern Indiana and we only see her usually once a year! Poo Poo!) Both of these girls are amazing people. Hard for me to say adults because I can remember not too long ago playing baby dolls with each of them. Kayli is going to be a nurse. She is getting married this coming October 9th. We are all looking forward to going to Pennsylvania to see that wonderful day. Amber is going to college and has plans to move to Africa after she finishes and help people in villages become self sufficient so that they can take care of themselves. How amazing is that!!! Both girls obviously have hearts for helping others. Can you think of a better thing to do with your life?
The handsome grandson in the picture is the only grandson my in laws have. When my brother in law married Carrie, we got Zack as our new nephew. He is a really neat kid. He loves to play games and build things. Wonder what he will do when he grows up? Architect maybe? Who knows! But, this group of people are very special to me. And, I am thankful that I have this picture to remind me of a really fun day that I was blessed to have with them.

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