Monday, January 31, 2011

My sweet far away girl.....

Have you ever heard of Compassion?  It is a wonderful Christian organization who helps children who are living in poverty.  I mentioned before that I had a boy from Indonesia that I sponsor.  There is also a sweet 7 year old girl from the Philippines that also calls me Mama Shann.  I have been her sponsor for a couple years now.  She is the most beautiful dark haired, brown eyed, precious girl with the sweetest smile.  Her mother writes to me and tells me what Naomi is doing at the Compassion site and also what is going on in their lives.  Naomi will write something to me on the letter as well.  It is usually a bible verse she is learning or she draws me a picture.  And, lately she has been telling me that she loves me.  Only God could bring a 43 year old woman from the United States together with a 7 year old girl in the Philippines with His love.

While making my Valentines Day banners, I thought about making something for my girl.  I made this little felt heart with her name on it and a flower.  I also know that my girls favorite color is pink!  So is mine. 

 Here is the back.  I chose a brown haired, brown skinned princess.....just like her.

I have been involved with Compassion for eight years now.  It has changed me for the better.  If you have not checked them out before, I encourage you to please do so.  But I must warn just might be forever changed.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gimme Some Sugar

 Dreary weather we have been having in the state of Michigan.  Gray snowy snow globe is where I am living at the moment.  Bleck!!  I decorated for Valentines Day the other day and thought I would share some of my decorations with you.  These window clings came from Meijer.  I love them.
 The dollar store had these little hearts on sticks.  They are all glittery and I put them in a little creamer I had and topped it with a ruffly red bow.  Plopped them on the window sill for some pink and red joy.
 I have had this wire tree for a long time.  I use it for different things during the year.  But for Valentines Day, I have these little conversation hearts that I re-purposed from a strand of lights that quit working.  Used my trusty dental floss and strung them on the tree.  Easy peasy.

 I ordered this banner from her last year.  It is really sweet.  Glitter and sisters favorite combination.

My sister sent a package to me in the mail.  Inside was some really cute stuff she knew I would like.  One of the items were these little heart sesame crackers.  Aren't they so cute?  And, they were yummy in my tummy.  Yup...decorating for Love Day is just what the doctor ordered for this blah weather I am living in.  :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Blue Bucket

I wanted to add a little something on the dresser in my bedroom.  So, I looked around for what I already had.  You or free.  I had this old sap bucket in my basement tucked away in a box when we moved a year ago.  I don't really have any red in my decor now so I went to my craft cabinet to see what I could do about the color.
 Found this baby blue paint.

I painted it and stuck some springy yellow and pink flowers in it.  So much better than sitting in a box in the basement.
And, the 7th grade field trip was a success.  Thanks for praying for me!  :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Field Trip

Chaperone may refer to:
  • Chaperone (social) (or chaperon) - any adult present in order to maintain order or propriety at an activity of young people, as at a school dance.
Today I am going on a field trip with my 7th graders choral class.  We are heading downtown to a wonderful venue to listen to music of Bach.  I love Bach!  Not sure what the 7th graders will think of him.  So, this is where the chaperone part will come into play for me.  I have been a chaperone for this group of kids before.  For the most part, they are pretty good.  Giggly girls and boys who are trying to act cool for the giggly girls.  Ahhh, youth.

So, I am off.  To help "maintain order."  Prayers would be appreciated.  :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today, Trish over at Notes of Sincerity asked us to play along with her.  Games are fun, aren't they?  :)  Here are my answers.  Hope some of you will play along as well.

A - Age:  43 and 2/3rds  :)
B - Bed size:  queen
C - Chore you hate:  scooping snow (been doing A LOT of that lately)
D - Dog's name:   Sophie
E - Essential start of the day item:  coffee and scripture
F - Favorite color:  Pink!
G - Gold or Silver:  Silver
H - Height:  5'4 with shoes on
I - Instruments you play:  Violin (poorly) and Piano (poorly)
J - Job: Lady of the House at the moment
K - Kids:  Are made for lovin!
L - Living arrangements:  City girl (but my heart is in the country)
M - Music you love:  Contemporary Christin, Jazz, Big Band and Classical
N - Nicknames:  Honey and Shanngirl (my parents name for me)
O - Overnight stay at hospital:  C-sections with my kiddos
P - Pet Peeve:  Selfish people
Q - Quote from a movie: "Smiling is my favorite".....Elf
R - Right handed or left:  right
S - Siblings:  1 fantastic baby sister
T - Time you wake up:  5:00 a.m on the dot.  Which is why I need the coffee.  :)
U - Underwear: granny panties (per my 12 year old!)
V - Vegetable you dislike: Hot peppers (does this count?)
W - Workout Style: I do not have these words in my vocabulary
X - X-rays you've had:  Choppers and fingers when playing volleyball in high school
Y - Yummy food you make:  Hershey's Chocolate Cake
Z - The best place to visit:  I am rather fond of Disney and also Illinois since all the people I love are there. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Lovin

 I have been in the crafting mood again.  I have also been painting my eldest daughters room and dresser and making it a sanctuary for her to go into and de-stress.  She has been studying very hard for her finals next week.  Poor girl.  :(  I will show pics of the room when it is all put together.  We are close.  But in the mean time...I will show you a little felt banner I made for my house the other day.  Just a little bit-o-love for my family since it is getting close to love season.  :)

And, you know I could not mention love without showing you a bit of kitty lovin.  Right?  :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Nerdy Simon

Sometimes we have waaaay to much fun with our animals. 

( brown furry kitty was not harmed in the making of this photo.)

Baby Burp Rags

I seem to be on a baby theme lately.  These little flannel burp rags are going to a dear friend who is having a sweet baby girl in April.  I made them with flannel on both sides.  I snipped the edges to give them a ruffled look so when they are washed over and over again they will REALLY ruffle.  They are kind of hourglass shaped.   More narrow in the middle so they will sit on mama's shoulder more easier and wider on the front and back for catching any messes that baby makes while burping.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Got My Groove Back

I have been in a funk since the holidays were over.  Have not even wanted to make anything or do a project.  Not sure what was up with that.  But, thankfully that left as quickly as it came and I decided to make some things recently.  Yee Haw!!

 This was my first ever attempt at making bread.  It actually worked!!  Yeast and I have not always gotten along...but I overcame my fear and decided to just do it!!  (Don't mind the ravine in the middle of the bread.  That was me testing to see if it was done...and a piece or two may have ended up in my mouth whilst checking.)

We also have a new family moving across the street from us any day now.  The lady of the house just delivered their first child, a girl.  So, we will be having a very tiny new neighbor moving in as well.  I thought I would make something for the wee one.  A baby blankie was born at my house today.

 This picture is for my sister.  I wanted to show her that even "experienced seamstresses" (I am using that term very very loosely here referring to myself) have machines that sometimes bite.  Just like her little machine did to her.

One little baby blankie that is ever so soft.  Soft buttery flannel on one side and soft mint green cotton on the other.  With Warm and Natural Cotton Batting in between.  That should keep my newest little neighbor comfy and warm this winter in her new world.

It feels good to have my groove back.  Now what else can I make?  :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Glorious Day

One day He is coming!  What a glorious day.........

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming in 2011

 We had a quiet night at home for New Years.  Just the four of us.  We had some fun party hats for the festivities.
 Little smokies are always a good thing with the sauce made from grape jelly.  Have you ever tried them?

 We played a mean game of Clue.  Taylor won.

 This was me....Mrs. Peacock I believe.  I did not do it.  Colonel Mustard was the bad guy.  In the Hall with the lead pipe no less!

 Daddy and daughter laughing at me.

 I think they thought my party had was silly.  Something was said about me looking like Elphaba from Wicked.  Hummmm.

 We were ready for bed already here and the kids had a lot more partying to do.

 Our drink of choice for the night.  This stuff was really good!  Made right here in Michigan.  The kids liked how fizzy it was. 

They were introduced to Mr. Dick Clark for the first time.  I realized how many wonderful people I know about from my growing up but they don't. 

Our toast to ring out the old and in with the new.  Cheers to you!