Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taylor's Cake

I came home tonight from work and my sweet Taylor had baked a cake for dessert tonight after dinner.  It was such a nice surprise.  She made a yellow cake with chocolate icing.  She added some red white and blue sprinkles since it is so close to the 4th.  It was very yummy!  After dinner, she packaged up some pieces and delivered them to our neighbors because she wanted to share some cake lovin.  What a sweet girl!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

They Are Back

Well, the mighty campers are back.  I thought I would have a nice home cooked meal waiting on them when they walked in the door.  I made a pan of gooey brownies for dessert. 

A big roast in the crock pot that smelled so good the entire day while it was cooking.  The potatoes and carrots were roasting in the oven.  Comfort food.  Yum.

And this is what they had waiting for me.........................

Yup.  Mountains of laundry.  I counted up all the loads.  There are 14 to be exact.  Now is when I really wish we had a laundry mat business.  Hee hee.

These loads of laundry meant that my family had a good time at camp.  They told me that they learned more about Jesus this week.  One daughter showed me all the notes that she had taken during her lessons.  And she took a lot!  The other daughter told me she is thinking about getting baptized.  :)  God worked on their little hearts this past week.  And, God blessed me with some Shann time.  Time where I could reflect and recharge my mom and wife batteries.  And that is a good thing!

While unpacking suitcases, I walked into my daughters room and found this.  He looks like he is saying, "Nobody is leaving here without me again....Nobody!"  :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's been a good good day

Happy Friday to you!  I have had an excellent day today!  I got these three magazines in the mail.  My favorites!!  Isn't it funny that they all three have the same colors on them this month?  I can not wait to sit down with these and a cup of coffee and read them this afternoon. 

My friend Kathy and I went to a Barn Sale today.  I found out about the sale on another woman's blog that I recently found and love.  I even had the pleasure of meeting her!  She was just as sweet in person as she is on her blog. 

Here are a couple things I got at her sale.  This pillow is just darling!  I love the colors and pom pom trim.  And the little embroidery piece on the top is so well done.  I just love it!

This is a BIG enamelware tub.  I thought about putting flowers in it.  But then I thought about using it on the 4th of July when my family comes to visit as a ice bucket for yummy drinks.  The possibilities are endless with these things.

I went out on my deck this morning and discovered that my Dalia's had bloomed.  Aren't the colors just so fun together?  Orange and purple and white and yellow.  These were also some that my sweet neighbor Stephanie brought over for me.  I just love them!

And, after the barn sale, Kathy and I went to a quilt store and signed up for a Mystery Quilt class next month.  Doesn't that sound interesting.  It seems we get to choose our fabric and the teacher of the class gives us very little information prior to the class because it is a mystery what we will be making.  Fun!  The best part is that I will be taught some new things by some very talented gals who work at the shop.  Needless to say, I am very excited.

So, that is it for my little day. It was a good good day.  Hope yours was as well.  :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Much Better

While my hubby and kids are at church camp this week, I have been doing some projects that I have needed/wanted to do but don't have the time with working, cleaning, cooking, shopping.  You know...being the mom!  :)  Since I am alone for 7 days, I have been busy with a couple things.

When we moved to Michigan, I talked my mom out of this old table she had in her house.  I loved the lines it had.  I thought I had a before picture to show you but I have looked and looked with no luck.  But, I can describe it to you.  It was BLACK!  Very very dark stained.  Those colors don't go in my farmhouse/cottage/hodgepodge style house.  So, I bought some of that Behr paint from Home Depot that is primer and paint all in one and gave her a new color.  It is called Enamelware and the color came from Martha Stewart paints.  It is a very pale blue.  The bottom photo you can kind of see the color.

While I was painting it, I called my mama to tell her what I was up to.  She asked me if I had painted the leg that was chewed up at the bottom.  I told her I saw that...what happened to the leg?  She told me that her puppy Chelsea had teethed on that leg when she was a pup some 20 plus years ago.  Isn't that funny?  Those little bite marks are still there!

I am so thrilled with the way it turned out.  What about you mom?  Do you like your old table?  :)

Yippee For Me!

I just wanted to let you know I did it!! I got my machine threaded and I got the bobbin filled as well!  WHOO HOO!!!

I am off to practice some of the stitches she can do. Wish I did not have to go to work this afternoon. I could stay home and play some more with my new toy! :) Oh well...working will help me buy more fabric....right?

I am just so happy right now....I feel like this!

Mama got a new toy

Awhile ago, my hubby surprised me with a new toy.  Wasn't that so sweet of him?  It has been in it's box for a few months.  Yes, that's right....months.  Today I decided I was going to be brave and get her out.  It was time.  Why did I leave her in her box for so long you ask?  I was scared of her.  Yup.  Scared.  I was a big baby.  I am not a very good seamstress.  I really really have the passion to sew and the desire to learn, but I am afraid of failing.  But, today in the shower, (why does courage come in the shower?????) I decided today was the day I was going to try her out.

Here she is.  All plugged in.  She has the softest blue light for me to sew by.

She came with a DVD for me to learn how to use her.  Plus a really THICK book!!  EEKS!!! 

She even came with a little blanket to cover her up with when she is resting.  But, I think she will need a new prettier one when I figure out how to use her.  :)

And, she even came with some accessories.  There are several little feet in this bag.  Don't know what they are for, but I am going to figure it out (if it kills me!

Wish me luck.  I am going to put that DVD in and learn how to thread her and wind her bobbin.  Here I go......gulp.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Went to my new friend house to quilt Monday night.  I have big plans to make this.  Except, I will make it into a wall hanging for my living room instead of a baby quilt.  Cause goodness knows I don't need any baby quilts.  :) 

When we moved here, I prayed for a new friend.  I prayed for a dear friend who would know how to quilt.  I did that because I know that my God likes specifics.  He is in the business of specifics.  So, I asked not only for someone kind to be my friend, but someone who enjoys doing some of the same things I do.  God answered my prayer.  :)

Flowers Galore

Awhile ago I was complaining about not having any flowers in my yard yet and I was having serious flower envy with those in my neighborhood that had them.  I love flowers!!  I think they just soften a yard and make it look more homey.  (Is that a word?)  Anyway, I finally have the ones in for this year.  Next year, when the budget allows, we will put in more...hopefully.  :)

Mailbox flowers...

The cottage wall I have always wanted.  The gentleman that built that just constructed it with his own two hands.  I bet he made awesome snow forts when he was a kid!  :)

Under the deck.

Shade plants under the deck.

South side of the house.

Weeping cherry tree.  I missed her showing off this spring.  I will have to wait until next year to see how pretty she turns out.  I believe she is pink.

Hydrangea and daisy's are in there.  Be still my heart.  :)

More of the south side of the yard.

Front of the house.  Can't wait until those plants mature.  There are three lime light hydrangea's in there.  Oh la la.

Russian Sage by the front door. 

Deck flowers my sweet neighbor Stephanie gave to me.  Cosmo's.  Aren't they just the happiest things? 

Very pretty geranium.

The flower boxes I planted.  They are still a little sparse.  Can't wait to see them get big and show their stuff!

And lastly, Taylor and my little butterfly garden.  She and I planted flowers that will attract lots and lots of butterflies.  Hopefully.  There are Shasta daisy's in there and Cone flower and a Butterfly Bush (pink of course) and two kinds of Sun Flowers and another Russian Sage and Cosmo's and Zinnias.  We are excited to watch what happens with it. 

Like I said...now I have flowers galore!  (Anyone want to come weed with me?)  Hee Hee

Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Summer

Today is the first day of Summer.  Yippee!!  :)  It seems it has taken awhile for it to get here.  It is my first summer in Michigan.  I am looking forward to seeing how it differs from central Illinois.  I hear the humidity is not as high.  Time will tell.   Here are some things we are looking forward to this Summer in no particular order.  :)

1.  Church Camp (kids and hubby are there now)

2.  Celebrating 4th of July with my sissy and nephew and parents up here in Michigan. 

3.  Going to Kings Island Theme Park for roller coaster frenzy (we love to hang upside down!) and seeing a line up of FANTASTIC Christian musicians singing in one big concert.  We will be meeting up with our dear friends and spending time with them.  This will be the best part....even better than hanging upside down.  :)

4.  Going to the zoo to see the baby giraffes.

5.  Drinking lots of strawberry lemonade on the deck.

6.  Going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings and buying lots of fresh produce and canning some to put up for the winter so we can enjoy it when the snow is flying once again.

7.  Making homemade Popsicles and eating them on the deck.

8.  Watching my freshman daughter learn how to drive an automobile!!!!! 

9.  Hoping that friends and family from back home will come up and visit us!!  (Hint Hint Hint!)

10.  Grilling out on the deck with our fantastic neighbors....relaxing with good conversation and great food.

11.  Enjoying the slower schedule of the summer.  RELAX!!!  :)

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best Dads

My hubby left yesterday morning for church camp with my girls.  They will be spending the week back home together at camp.  He will be a family group leader this week to a lot of jr high kids.  My two included.  I don't get to celebrate Fathers day with him this year.  We had our celebration on Friday night before they left for the week.  I wanted to praise my hubby for the kind of father he is.  He is loving.  He likes to hug the girls every chance he gets.  He is a very hard worker for our family.  He likes to buy the girls things when they are out together.  Ice cream is usually top of the list.  He is very smart.  He likes to take our oldest fishing with him whenever they get a chance.  He is a good handyman around our home.  He loves our doggie Sophie.  He is a good daddy to our kids.

I am a very lucky girl.  I have a daddy that I can say is the best.  God certainly knew what He was doing when I got my father.  He is a hard worker.  He is very strong.  He is very smart.  He would help you in any way that he could if you needed it.  He is a good handyman.  He is kind.  He is quiet.  He is funny.  He is a good cook.  He is loving. He loves to eat hot and spicy things!   He is a good husband to my mom.  He is a wonderful PaPa to my girls.  He loves me.  He is the best.

My father in law is also the best.  I got him almost 20 years ago when I married my husband.  He is kind.  He has a tender heart.  He tells the funniest jokes.  He smells good.  He likes to give hugs when he sees you.  He likes to cook.  He was a hard worker for his family.  He has a great laugh.  He is a good husband to his wife.  He is a good Papaw to my girls.   He passed on some of his qualities to my husband and I am thankful for that!

So you see, I am one lucky girl.  I have fathers in my life who are just the best.  Happy Fathers Day!!!  I love you all very much!  XOXOXOX

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Old Friends

We had a fun time this weekend!  :)  Our old friends from Illinois came up to visit.  Oh how I was praying for no rain!  We did have a lot of clouds...but the rain held off.  Yippee!!  :)  They got here Friday night for dinner.  We had hamburgers on the grill and a few other goodies to go with it.  We got on Skype with some friends in Ohio and talked to them for a bit.  Then, we were off to the ice cream parlor!  It was very good!

Saturday, after the two boys in our group (my hubby and Ty) stopped to get their hair cut at the all guys salon where we heard they watched ESPN and got warm towels on their faces and massages on their necks......we went to lunch.  We took them to a place to have a grinder sandwich.  Very good sandwich!!!  Then we were off to this place.....

Smiling kiddos getting ready to blast off in their race cars.

The sign says "no bumping"......some did not follow directions in the least!!

You have to click on the picture to make it bigger....Taylor looked like she was one very determined driver of her little race car.  Crack me up!

Vroom....there goes Miss Shelby.  She looked so fashionable in her BIG yellow sunglasses and her Shrek race car.  She picked that one for Miss Karen back home.  :)  Look at her long hair blowing out behind her.  Remember who starts drivers training next month?  UGHHHHH!!!!  :)

There are no words for this picture.  :)

Putt putt golf with a pink ball...now that's what I'm talking about! 

Bumper cars inside....

Laser tag.  The girls are smiling and Ty looks so serious.  HA!

Taylor thought it would be a good idea to put her face in front of the air launcher to feel the air in her face since she was hot.  She did not know that it was "loaded" and she blasted herself with a Nerf ball.  HAAA!!!

Miss Darla and Shelby playing a Nascar game.  They were cracking up!

The kids played boy against girls.  Ty won!  :)

We watched a little bit of this last night on the telly before bed.  I love this movie!  Jessie is my favorite!

Darla and I on the porch this morning before we left for church.  We had such a nice time catching up and visiting and drinking coffee together.  Wish our times with loved ones did not go by so quickly.  I wish I was independently wealthy so I did not have to work and I could play with my friends all day every day.  Anybody know where I could get my hands on a Genie bottle?????  Anybody else have that same wish????

And lastly, I leave you with the kiddos.  It was not long ago that I was pregnant with my youngest and Darla was pregnant with her youngest.  Now look at them.  Where does time go?  They are good kids.  No, they are GREAT kids!!!  And, I am so thankful that we had this time together to make more memories.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Toot Toot

We are so proud of our girls!!  We now have a 7th grade student and a High School student!!!!!!  OH MY LAND!!!  :)  Both girls had their awards ceremony today at school.  Both girls were receiving awards for their academic achievement.  They have both worked hard and today they got to see the results of that.

Here is little daughter receiving her award from one of her favorite teachers.  She was a blur....but there she goes across the stage.  :)

Here she is with her award.  "Outstanding Academic Achievement.  A 3.9 GPA average for the 6th grade year.  WHOO HOOOOOO!!! 

Here is 8th grade daughter being recognized for her achievement.  There were over sixty kids in 8th grade receiving awards for their achievement so the principal had them stand when their names were called and go to the office to get their certificate after the assembly.  (She's the one in the white blouse.)

The three "besties" together getting ready to sing the National Anthem.  These girls had a trio solo at the choral concert the other night.  They sounded like angels together.  The sweetie on the left was the girl that was chosen to escort my daughter around school on her first day when we moved here.  They have been best friends since that day.  I prayed HARD for that girl.  Sometimes we can see answers to our prayers.....you can now see one of mine. There she is!  :)

Both girls with their certificates. 

And lastly, the graduation card we gave our sweet girl.  I am still in awe and speechless after today.  We moved to this town six months ago due to my husbands new job.  We uprooted our girls from the only place they have ever lived and we all began a new life here.  This new adventure was prayed for by so many people.  Friends, family, our church body and probably by people I will never ever know about.  I even had blogging buddies praying for us!  I am so very thankful that God has gently placed us here.  He has given my daughters good friends, teachers, a school system that really cares for them and so much more.  Today that was so obvious to me.

Today is all about me giving my Heavenly Father a high five and my two darling daughters as well.  This mama could not be happier!  :)