Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Spirit

This week the dental office where I work is going to get into the Christmas spirit. We are bringing goodies the whole week to munch on through out the day. Two of my buddies at work seem to think that my Aunt Doris' recipe for Bacon Cheddar Pinwheels will put them into the holiday happies. Who wouldn't get jolly eating something wrapped in bacon! HA! I have them all ready to be baked in the morning before work. I am really hoping that they will stay nicely in my crock pot on warm for the day. There is a tad of work involved with these jewels and I would hate for them to flop in the morning. The person I am paired up with is bringing homemade iced sugar cookies. YUM! I got the savory and she got the sweet I was told. :)

My boss and his wife are taking us girls from the office to Chicago this weekend to have our Christmas party. We are leaving REALLY early on the Am track train on Friday for Chicago. It will take us about three hours to get there. We are going to be given our Christmas gifts which is money and we are to shop for things on Michigan Avenue for ourselves. Those are the orders from our bosses wife. Sounds good to me! :) After our day of shopping, we are going to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. After dinner, are you ready for this, they are taking us to see the Broadway play Wicked! Oh yes they are! Do I not have the most wonderful boss ever?!?!?!?! After the show, we will go back to our hotel and die, I mean sleep. Then the next morning we are having brunch at a cafe (but I can not remember the name of it!) and then shop a tad more (just in case we are kicking ourselves for not getting something the day before and have to live with that awful regret for the rest of our lives) and taking the 6:00 train back home to reality. Sigh.....can you imagine the fun we will have together? Even though we work in an office with six women, we all get along very well. My poor boss though....he will have to put up with all of us girls, including his wife, for something like 36 hours. Maybe I will pack an extra candy cane for him. :)

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