Friday, September 16, 2011

This Little Light Of Mine....

Have you ever heard a song and knew that God was playing it just for you?  This is the one He chose for me today.  And boy, did I ever need to hear these words.  Maybe you do to.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The BIG Day!!

I have a sixteen year old daughter.  Oh my goodness.   Early morning before school she wanted to open her gifts.  Then she had to pose for a picture with her most favorite kitty.
 Go team!!
 After school, she went to the drivers license branch to get that little card she has been working so hard towards.  She was smiling and relaxed because she had already taken her written and driving tests and had passed.  All she had to do was smile for the camera.
 Say cheese honey!!
 Thumbs up daughter-oh-mine.  You did it!!  And we are soooo proud of you honey!!
 For supper, she took one of her dear friends out to eat with us.  She picked macaroni and cheese to eat.
 After they went to the football game, they came home for birthday cake.  She likes ice-cream cakes from Culver's.  If you have not tried should.  They are really good.  And of course, she had the birthday song sang to her really loud and off key.  It was 10:20 at night and we were having birthday cake!  That is the latest I believe we have ever had cake in this house.  But it was fun!  Maybe we should start a new tradition.
Today she drove off for the first time alone.  She just wanted to go some place alone.  I can't say I blame her.  She earned this privilege.  She went off down the street alone in the car and I was scared to death!  But, I have to remember that she is God's daughter first.  I just have her on loan.  He has her tucked under His wing of protection.  I am just going to be praying a whole lot more than I have ever been now.  Oh my....a new stage of mothering.  Gulp.  Here we gooooo.......vrooooommmmmmmm.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Early Sweet 16

 My sister and nephew were up to no good these past couple of weeks.  They planned an early surprise sweet 16 party for my dear daughter and her old friends from back home in Illinois.
 Here are the party girls.  Aren't they all beautiful!
 Little sister and big sister.
 The nephew who was part of the party plans.

We had hot dogs and smores over a fire pit.  The weather was sooo hot!  It was 98 degrees.  And then the cold front came in.  The wind blew up and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees and then the rain came.  But, that was just fine.  We all decided that a little rain was not going to spoil our fun.   And, it didn't.