Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh how I wish.....

Have I mentioned that I want to be a sewing queen? I have several members in my family that are wonderful seamstresses....great-grandmothers, maternal AND paternal grandmothers, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY AUNTIES, my mother used to sew too.....and then....there is me. I know I must have some of the "sewing genes." Wouldn't you think? But....WHERE ARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find myself reading other lovely blogs where the gals are showing us all the beautiful things they have made and I admit, I am GREEN with envy. One day while spending entirely too much time reading about all the lovely things the other ladies were making , God spoke to me and told me to make something! He clearly told me to quit reading about what everyone else is making and make something myself. After all...He gave me that desire. Don't you just love it when God speaks to you and you know that He is right??? Sigh... So, this is what I can sew. Blankies! I sat down today and made two. One is for our neighbor across the street who just had a baby girl. Hers is the pink cupcake one. The other is for one of my husband's friends who had a son. His is the Indianapolis Colts one. This is my husband picked out the fabric for this one. I just wanted to clarify that. The baby's father is a HUGE Colt's fan so my husband thinks they are going to love it. I am throwing in an extra gift for the mama....just in case. :) I can sew a simple stitch. I did learn how to make a small (and I mean small) cosmetic bag that included a zipper, this summer. My dear Aunt gave me a lesson. I want to make bags and lounge pants and quilts and tops and jammies for my kids and skirts for me get the point. I WANT TO BE A SEWING QUEEN!!!! But, until I get a lot more lessons under my belt...I will make blankies with cupcakes and colts on them and be thankful that the Lord gave me the desire to learn something new and try not to let Satan get me down with GREEN envy. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

So it begins....

School started today for us. I have a 7th grader and a 5th grader. Both girls. The youngest one could not wait to tell me about her day today...her teacher (which is a man), her locker, the lunch menu (because lunch is VERY important), the bus....but the 7th grader didn't have anything to tell me about school. Even when I asked...nothing. Hmmmm. I guess I am at that phase of my mothering where I have become "stupid." I remember when my own mother was soooo stupid. She could not possibly know anything about what I was going through or anything about being a girl....after all...she was OLD! HA! Now, my mother is by far, the most brilliant woman in the entire!! Oh how I wish I could go back and erase those teen years where I treated her like dirt under my feet. But I can't. My mother has been ill lately and in the hospital a few times. When times like those come up, I realize how very much she means to me. How very much I appreciate the sacrifices that she made for me. How thankful I am that God, in His infinite wisdom, choose her to be my mother. No one else. So, thanks mom....for your love. You rock! p.s. I borrowed that last line from my 13 year old :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well...this is it.

Here I am! My first blog post. I am soo excited!! I have been a "blog stalker" for so long now and I even got my baby sister to start "stalking", so we decided to start our own. And here you have found mine. This blogging thing has interested me since day one. And it made me wonder....why are we as women so interested in each other's lives? Even when we don't know each other, we care about what other women are doing. Have you ever noticed that? Maybe that is the way that God made us. We are caring people, us ladies. I have found myself reading someone else's blog, that I have no idea who they are, and praying for them. They may have written that they are battling something...cancer, loss of some sort, doesn't really matter. But, we are ladies, aren't we? So I am beginning to embark on my own blog. Wonder where it will take me? But, I am glad you are here to travel along with me. :)