Sunday, December 21, 2008

My children

Here is our Christmas picture of our girls and our two furry babies too! My youngest daughter is holding our 11 year old Shih Tzu, Sophie. She is really starting to show her age. Bless her heart! She is sleeping a lot and she does not hear very well and she can not see very well. She is my husbands baby. He gets sad every time he thinks about losing her. She is a very sweet and lovable doggie.
I took this picture of our girls today before my husbands side of the family came to celebrate Christmas with us. I have a book that my mother in law gave me our first Christmas we were married. It is a journal of our family Christmases that will hold 25 years worth of journaling. I will be writing in year number 19 this December. Wow! Has that gone quickly! Well, some days it goes reeeeeeeealy slow....hee hee......but others it has flown by. I will have to get another book after this one is filled up. Keep the tradition going. The kids and our families like to look at the little red Christmas book and remember Christmases in the past. I love looking at things from my past that my mama has saved for me. I appreciate it so very much. I hope that my girls can look back someday at my handwriting and read the words that I have written for them and remember all the joy of Christmas and the love of our wonderful family.
I better go...I still have wrapping to do!! :)

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Ali said...

Simon looks thrilled, as always. Very cute picture!!