Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Faves

Here are a few of my favorite magazines. I can sit and look at these for hours upon hours. And then a few days later, I can look at them again! HA! Country Home Magazine is one of my most favorites. I have gotten it for years. I also get Home Companion for some more Mary loveliness...but as of now....I believe, they don't have a publisher for next year. That makes me very unhappy! I hope she finds a new one before January. I am quite sure that I am not the only Mary fan out there....just her biggest. Hee hee! ;)

Hallmark magazine is one of my newest favorites. I love the stories in there and the recipes are great too!'s time for a cup of coffee (in my cute Mary Christmas cup), curl up in my comfy spot on the couch with a soft blankie and read some of these. Wish you were here to join me.

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