Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some Laundry Cheer

One day at our friendly Hobby Lobby, I saw these cute whimsical letters. They were half off and I thought....what could I make with these cuties? I picked up the letters WASH and thought they would go in my laundry room. I bought some very cute scrapbook paper (that I wish was in fabric) and went over to my sisters house since paper is her thing. She had a very sharp knifey thing that she used to cut out the paper for me. I went to work on the Modge Podge and after it dried....put the rick rack on them and the little buttons with string for extra cuteness. Here is their before......

And here is their after!!!

I think they are soooo cute! I am sure these sweet letters will bring so much joy to me while doing laundry..... Who the heck am I fooling? HA!
I showed them to my darling friend Lori today while she was over for afternoon coffee. I do believe there may just be another set of letters in my future. But those might be in her laundry room! And, another thought was to make some for the dental office where I work....I could use the words Floss and Brush and Smile and Teeth! The possibilities are endless really.

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