Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!

Here is a picture show of our little families celebration of our countries freedom......are you ready? Let's begin......

Sparkle Fun!!

Playing with fire in the back!!

More backyard pretties......

Our 4th of July spread.......always to much food......ALWAYS!!

The master grill man himself (sporting his apron he got for Fathers Day) with all the meat he patiently cooked for us.....took 5 hours of his day to make it.....but everyone agreed that it was sooooo worth it!!

Here is the inside of his smoker.....this thing holds a lot of meat!! And, you should smell the lovely scent of wood cooking in it.....yummmmmm!

The real fireworks from last night....since we had our towns on the3rd. Good thing we rained the entire day here. UGH!!

Pretty daisy's colored for the 4th..

A granddaughter and her grandpa patiently waiting for the sun to go down so the fireworks would begin!!

Youngest daughter camped out in her chair with glow stick around her neck and blankie on her lap and bug spray on the parts that were sticking out! :)

Oldest daughter with her red glow stick waiting to take pictures with her phone to show her cousin who was with his daddy and not us this year. We missed him an awful lot. :(

Cute little Mary Engelbreit flag in my flower garden. I love what it says.

Really cool farm in our little town with a very large flag outside. I just love the way this looks for some reason....

And sissy and I took a spin around the park and this really cool car was in front of us. We really wanted to be cruising in it....but we just took her picture instead. :)
Hope you enjoyed a look into our 4th of July celebrations!! God Bless America!!!!

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