Thursday, July 23, 2009

More beans and a roof!

Here is the roof going on today! If you look closely, you can see me poking out between the rafters. Hello there! :)

This is the side view. Can you see how high the ceiling is going to be on my little porch. Be still my heart!!!

Simon and I were playing "foreman" today while the fellows worked. HA! He loves to come outside with me and swing. He had to make sure the porch was up to his know...since we are building it for him and all. :)

My second jumbo bowl of green beans in two days!! I have put up 8 quart freezer bags so we can enjoy them this winter so far. I also put up 10 pounds of blueberries that my parents picked up for me at the Amish sale on Tuesday. My freezer is beginning to look yummy!
What did you do today?

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