Friday, July 10, 2009

Camping Trip

We made it home alive from the camping trip. Came home a day early due to impending storms that are heading our way. Nothing like riding out a storm in a tin can. :) Plus, we did have one day with lots and lots of rain. Rain and camping just do not mix well in my opinion. We did have fun, however, and here is some proof!

Shelby and her fish! This girl would seriously love to grow up and be a professional bass fisherman/fisherwoman. I kid you not.

Taylor riding in the boat....with her camping braids. Wish my hair would do that! Too cute!

Secret code we found in the woods. Very cool.....

Isn't it amazing how the water looks just as green as the trees?

A little turtle we saw loafing on a fallen tree in the water. He took one look at us and went right back in the water!

Mama and daughter being silly in the camper while it was raining. She had no idea I was behind her with my tongue out. HA!

Another one that was to small to keep.....

Hubby and kids out on his boat waiting for the fish to bite.....Sophie the doggie was out there with them too. She loved being on the boat!!

Ah....the book my friends Lori and Dorenda told me I just had to read...... I decided to take it with me on our trip. OH. MY. LAND. This was an excellent book about friendships and the impact it can have on two people. All I can say is....I hope the other people camping did not hear me bawling when I finished the book. They might of mistaken my cries for a howling wild animal or something and got scared!! Get this book if you are in need of a good cry and a good read. This book is both. I also had my Ipod and coffee going a lot while we were on this trip. Lovely....just lovely.

The little camp lights we had hanging on our camper. Too stinkin cute.

Our home away from home for the past four days. See our little Sophie sitting by the screen door looking out? She did this a lot. Just watching the world go by...and the squirrels. Which she detests! :)

I just love this little picture of the camper through the woods. Some of Gods handiwork we saw on our trip. :)
That's it....our little camping trip is finished. We had a nice time together even though it rained and stress got the best of us one day. But, that is what life is about isn't it? Ups and downs and making up in the end. Family.....gotta love them. :)

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Dawn said...

And a good time was had by all. Can't believe she is holding the fish - ick! Who enjoyed the time out in the boat the most you,or the rest of the crew?