Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Project

Well, I mentioned a couple post ago that we were doing something BIG to our house. I decided to show you what it is since I am so stinkin excited about it!!!!!! The back of our house had a set of french doors that lead out to a concrete patio. Probably as old as the house. It was cracked and ugly. So, we decided to put a nice screened in porch in its place. An area where we could come outside and sit in the evenings and listen to the bugs buzz and not get bitten by one or several of them! I also have dreams of sitting out there and having coffee with friends and a place to have meals with those I love. And, lets not forget the furry babies that live in my house. They will also love love love being out there and watching the world go by. The kitty in particular is really going to enjoy being outside.

So, here is what we have done so far.

This is the mess from tearing up all that old concrete from the patio.

Here is the new installed deck. I put that chair up there one day and sat and read a new cook book I had gotten. It was lovely.

This is part of the roof they cut into. I was a tensy bit scared when I knew this step was happening. Something about putting a hole in a roof.....not good. But, it was necessary and the fellow doing the work knows what he is doing. :)

And, here is where we are as of today. The walls are all up. The roof is going to go on tomorrow I am told. We are going to have a very high ceiling in this little space. The electrician will be here on Friday to put the ceiling fan in for us and the other electrical outlets we will need. The step I am dreading is the painting step. Not that there is a lot to is just really high up there and that is not a fun place to be when painting. Eeks! Maybe the hubby will do that part. I did make him some peach crisp tonight for dessert........
So, that is it so far. I will be back soon with more pictures. Can not wait to sit outside and enjoy our project. Oh and Dawn, this space is for you as well. You can come over and we can "play" with fabric and paper outside! Is it a date??? :)

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