Sunday, July 26, 2009


We had a slight emergency at our house today. Taylor's blanket needed some minor surgery done on it. I told her it was a nip and tuck. :) She got this blanket as a newborn from my sister. She has slept with it all these years....11 to be exact. It is starting to become very very thin and almost all the binding is off of it now. I am always afraid to wash it because I am not sure if it will come out alive from the washer or not. Today, something had to be done. I carefully cut off all the loose pieces and sewed around the borders to see if we can keep it going awhile longer. I am quite sure my daughter has plans to take this to college with her. :) Hope this works.

She took my picture today while I was preforming surgery on the blanket. See my kitty watching me as I work? He loves to peep at me through the opening in the machine. Silly kitty!

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