Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grandma and the beans

Remember a couple posts back when I said I was going to go see my 97 year old grandma and ask her to help me snap beans.....well.....she said yes! :) She was so excited when I showed her that bowl of beans. She immediately took the bowl and began snapping. It was sooo cute! My mama went with me. She just laughed and laughed. We had a nice time together. Three generations of women. Just snapping beans. How fun is that! And, these pictures are absolutely priceless to me. There is just not enough money in the world for the memory that was made today for me. I better stop. Tears are flowing........


randi said...

What a precious, precious time! I am sure that you made your grandma's day!


i have to say blog

Autum said...

This brought back some sweet memories for me. Thank you!!