Friday, July 17, 2009

My Lunch

We had the prettiest day here in Illinois today! I believe the high got to 72 degrees or so. Nice cool breeze blowing all day. Sunshine shining bright. It was just perfect! The house was quiet and my tummy was growling at me and I thought I better feed it! So, this is what I made. Little salad with chunks of cheese, tiny grape tomatoes, fresh cucumber from my garden, pepperoni slices, and tiny tiny croutons that I love. My favorite dressing and a glass of iced tea. Yummmmm!

Also, I got a Gooseberry Patch catalog in the mail today. So, I sat down and shopped in it while enjoying the quiet house and my salad.

See my little Lassie plate? I have had this little plate since I was 8 years old. I remember taking it on a little camping trip with my brownie troop. I am so thankful that my mom and I have kept it all these years. It is holding my fresh cucumber slices on it. All salted and peppered up for my eating. I ate the whole cucumber myself. :) Gotta love fresh veggies from the garden.

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