Thursday, January 15, 2009


With this terrible Arctic weather the Midwest is having right now...and yet ANOTHER snow day for the kids....what was I supposed to do today but try and stay warm and crochet a little white dish rag? I don't really know how to crochet anything but these. They are nothing fancy at all. Through trial and error I have learned that I have to make them bigger than regular dish cloths because when you wash and dry them, they shrink up quite a bit! My first few are about the size of a kitchen sponge. ;) Whoops! So, now I know to make them just a tad bigger for shrinkage. My grandma Ginny used to crochet. She would make blankets for us and blankets for our baby dolls too. She also made hundreds and hundreds of crocheted hangers for clothes. I still have TONS of them. She made the little ones for kids/baby clothes and she made big ones for us adults. I love them. If I have a crochet hanger or a plain plastic hanger to choose from when I am hanging up laundry...I will ALWAYS choose the one she made. They are lovely!

Anyway, just wanted to share a little something I made today while sitting on the couch trying to stay warm. My mom said her thermometer said it was -15 degrees this morning and it was -30 degrees with the wind chill. Yikes! Tomorrow it is supposed to be even colder when we wake up. My poor furnace is working so hard. I hope she keeps it up! Although when the bill comes next month, I hope I don't faint!

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