Wednesday, January 21, 2009

7th Grade again

Can you tell what this is? If you guessed a diagram of a plant cell, you are correct!! :) Tonight my 7th grader and her mama had this to do. The only directions we had were to follow the picture in the book. So, we started with a sheet of Styrofoam for the base. Then we used green watercolor paint to paint the Styrofoam. Who knew that would stick....but it did! Then we used a little cat toy, the wiffle ball, for the nucleus and colored it purple. Hope Simon does not mind that we used something of his for this little project. Hee hee!
The blue balloon in the middle is the "Vacuole." We used a sandwich baggie for the "cell membrane" and we thought we were Albert Einstein for coming up with that one! HA! The rest was just construction paper and she used a pencil to "chisel" out some indentations and colored them with marker. We used green construction paper for the "cell wall" and called it good!
Phew! I don't have a lot of memory from my Jr high years. A very wise friend of mine, who just happens to be a children's minister, told me why. She said that those years are very difficult for kids/girls and I probably blocked them out. I believe she is right. I do not remember doing these kinds of projects when I was in school. (Did we mom?) It was a fun evening for the two of us. Little sister stood close by watching and coming up with ideas. She was our little "gopher." She would run around and get things for us when we needed them. She was a lot of help to! And a big surprise of the evening was the 13 year old big sister actually told her thank you WITHOUT being asked. Yeah! All the correcting I do around here actually worked tonight. And this mama is happy about that!

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