Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Some Dreaming Lovin

Remember the post about my dream of having a few sheep someday?  My sissy did something fun for me because of that post.  She is a lover-of-paper.  And fun little trinkets and scissors and stickers.  And things I don't even know what the heck they are called or what she does with them.

She lovingly made me the most darling dream hanger with a sheep on it no less!  Can you see him?

 It says "Once upon a dream" in the corner.

And, she also sent this magazine about raising sheep!  It is packed full of info on the little darlings.  Can you see the post it note she included on the magazine for me?  "Dream a little!" it says.  And that is certainly what I have been doing.  Thanks sissy...I love you and miss you very very much.  XOXO


Kathy said...

Your sister is soooo sweet. It is really lovely! I also love the purse you made! You are a great "sewer!"

Ali said...

I'm coming!!!! Miss you too. You could always get some sheep and let them graze on your lawn. And when big-dog comes, he can herd them. We'll be right there.