Monday, March 7, 2011

The Room

I am close enough to being finished with my daughters room to show you what we have done so far.  We may do some "tweaking" here and there...but for now it is done and she is happy with it.  Which makes this mama very happy.

Here is the bed and builders brown wall color before.

Bed after with her new bedding.  She still kept the twinkle lights up on her bed.  I love the way they look as well.  And her new wall color.  It is a really soft mint green.  The pictures are taken at night so it is hard to get a true color...but you get the idea. 

Dresser before I painted it...

And dresser after.  With her cute mirror above it.

Some wall stuff we found at Hobby Lobby.  Both things were brown/black before and we painted them purple to match her room.  That is a battery operated candle.  It even flickers. 

And her pictures I made her the other day all hung up.  That's it.  One teen room.  Any bets on how long it will stay clean?  :)


Dawn said...

very cute! good job!

Ali said...

Oh I'm sure Sissy loves it and it looks great from afar. See it soon in person!


Jennifer said...

Yay...I love the new look. You are great at decorating and I am sure your daughter is loving it.
PS..always love the music choices on your blog. :)