Friday, March 4, 2011

Bedroom Art

When we moved here 15 months ago, my house was just built.  All the rooms were painted builders brown.  I am not a huge fan of builders brown....but I have lived with it for all these months.  Those who knew me in my previous life in Illinois, know that I loved to paint rooms.  It was an inexpensive way of changing the looks of a room for very little money.  And, I actually found painting to be quite relaxing.  I can say it....I am a weirdo.  My daughters rooms have been begging me to put some pretty paint on their walls for awhile now.  I finally caved.  I began with oldest daughters room first.  I will show you the big reveal in a few days.   But I did want to show you some artwork I just finished for her new boudoir. 

 I bought two packages of 11 x 14 canvases from Michael's.  They were 50% off this week.  Total of $8.00.
 I found these wall stickers at Marshall's for $8.00 on clearance.
 I painted the canvases a light buttermilk color.  Then waited for them to dry and placed the larger sticker in each of the four corners.  Then randomly placed the butterfly stickers hap-hazzardly around.  I thought they were cute as is but could be MUCH cuter and frilly with a wee bit of lace around the edges.  Already had the lace in my stash.  Lastly, I put some glitter in the center of each butterfly for a bit of sparkle.

  I am really happy with the way they turned out.  For about $16.00 she is getting a very large piece of artwork for her new walls.


Anonymous said...

What a cute project. Did you coat them with modge podge or just leave them alone? I love the lace edging.

Stephanie said...

Adorable! Would you be interested in decorating our house since we still haven't done much in over a year! ;) Too Cute!