Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lately I have been thinking about my life.  What I would do if I knew I would not fail.  Do you have any dreams like that?  I sure do.  I have a list tucked away in a secret place of things I would love to do someday.  Not really a bucket list....just some of my dreams or wishes/wants for my life.  Some people would scoff at them if they knew what they were.  I would hear things like..."you are to old for that now" or "that costs to much money to be able to do that" or simply "that is a silly pipe dream."  But the thing is....God knows my dreams.  He knows what I would love to do.  He knows my secret desires.  And you know what....He would not laugh at me.  He would not tell me my dreams are silly.  He would be my biggest cheerleader.  He would do the same thing for you as well.  :)

Lately I have been telling God some of my dreams.  Like He does not know them anyway...but I tell Him none the less.  I will share one with you.  I would love to live on a small farm in the country.  I would love to have a very very small flock of sheep.  Not for eating mind you.  Nope.  These little darlings would be for wool.  And simply for me to tend to.  That is it.  Just a very small hobby.  There is a couple large sheep farms close to where I live.  I have driven by them so many times.  I have even parked my car and gotten out and coaxed the sheep to the fence to visit with me a time or two or eleven.  I even touched a nose once.  I love them.

I found this video of a sheep and a doggie one day on this wonderful blog.  I laughed and laughed when I watched it.  I would love to see this someday with my own eyes and my own animals.  I did not know sheep bounced!  Did you?

What kinds of dreams do you have?  Is there anything you would love to do if money or time or nothing could stand in your way?


Ali said...

My dream would be to have a small restaurant serving only breakfast and lunch. OR....serve meals to guests on my (and your) farm where we use ingredients we grow. Maybe some Pecorino cheese from your sheep's milk! Let's do it Sissy!

notes of sincerity said...

Dearest Shann.
Your dream is not silly at all. There is a small farm not far from where I live that has sheep and I just love watching them when I drive by. Especially when the babies begin arriving. :o) A couple of years ago, a neighbor had new cows, and I too stopped my truck and began calling to them. They came. :o) I just loved it. One of our dreams was to live in the country, and we are here now. :o) But my dearest dream was to own chickens. I am so glad that we do. We only have three but they are so special and so much fun. :o)
Keep your dreams close to your heart and open to the Lord's leading. :o) When we lived in the city, we would drive to the Lowe's parking lot and just admire the enormity of the sky and wished we could one day have property of our very own, to do the same. Never did we actually think it would happen, but you should see the star lit sky on a clear night, from where we live. There is not a day I don't walk outside and thank the Lord for where He has us. :o)
Sincerely, Trish

Jennifer said...

This post is dear to my heart. Yes...I have dreams I talk to God about...even though he knows what they are :) One of my dreams is to have a small apple orchard with a place for people to gather. I would have comfy chairs, books, coffee and of course apple treats. Just something VERY simple but homey. I may have to blog about this sometime, too. Thanks for sharing your dream...sheep are so sweet and I pray your dream will come to fruition.

Kathy said...

What a lovely post! Your dream is so beautiful; I pray God gives you the longings of your heart! I've thought a few times of owning a B&B and have had my dreams of being a wife and mommy fulfilled. Being able to live out my dreams is a joy! Thank you for sharing!