Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blogging Desk

Several years ago I bought this desk for our computer from Pottery Barn.  Just a simple desk with two small drawers.
Decided that it would look so much better painted.  So, I dug out a can of paint I already had in the basement from another project and began.  Of course there was coffee involved.

And of course he was involved.  I told him he was the supervisor of this painting project.  He likes to be in charge.
But then he decided to lay down on the job.  What a slacker.  I threatened him with a pink slip but he was not getting back up until after his snooze.

And here is my little blogging desk today.  I also made her a little skirt to wear to hide what is underneath.  CORDS!  Ugh!!  And the printer and speakers.  I made three little skirts, for the front and both sides, and hung them with tension rods.

Much better.  And, the tangled mess of cords are hidden from sight. 

I also painted the chair to match.  I am really on a painting kick at the moment at my house.  It is pretty bad when Beth at Home Depot asks me what I am up to today.  We are on a first name basis now.  :)


notes of sincerity said...

I absolutely adore that fabric Shann!!! It is adorable with your beautiful blue desk and chair. And you have the cutest little helper ever! :o) I am jealous of your painting! I am so desperate to do the same! :o)
Hoping you are having a wonderful week.
Sincerely, Trish

Ali said...

You tell Mr. Simon that he is breaking the code of conduct and will first receive a verbal warning, then a written warning and next.....termination! Bad boy and Nanny is disappointed in him. Tell him I'm on my way to crack the whip. Oh and I love the desk. I will also bring my kitchen table and chairs for you to paint. :)

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Hi Honey,

Was so glad you left a comment! I'm Nancy...so glad to meet you.

Love the desk. Every girl needs a cute cover-up to hide those "CORDS"
So, what's the next project?