Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear Friend

I have been so blessed the past two weekends.  Last weekend my sister and three dear friends from home came to visit me.  And this past weekend another sweet friend came as well!  Talk about lots of love coming my way!  We had such a nice time together.  This sweet friend introduced me to a couple things that I love.  My coffee addiction began with her.  When our kids were babies and toddlers we would get together and drink coffee and let them play.  Now our kids are much older and we still get together and drink coffee.  Wonder how many cups we have consumed over our years together as friends?  Thousands I am sure.  But most importantly, she introduced me to Jesus.  I watched her as a young wife and mother knowing in my heart that she had something that I did not have.  Joy... unspeakable joy....that lived deep within her.  I wanted what she had!  And, she graciously shared Jesus love with me. 

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Jennifer said...

Hello....what a beautiful post....I LOVE the picture of you and your sweet friend. Isn't is amazing how God brings people together??!! I, too have a special friend that shared Jesus with me....and I am so grateful. She is the first person I shared my testimony with. Thanks for sharing...always a blessing to read your blog.