Saturday, June 5, 2010

Toot Toot

We are so proud of our girls!!  We now have a 7th grade student and a High School student!!!!!!  OH MY LAND!!!  :)  Both girls had their awards ceremony today at school.  Both girls were receiving awards for their academic achievement.  They have both worked hard and today they got to see the results of that.

Here is little daughter receiving her award from one of her favorite teachers.  She was a blur....but there she goes across the stage.  :)

Here she is with her award.  "Outstanding Academic Achievement.  A 3.9 GPA average for the 6th grade year.  WHOO HOOOOOO!!! 

Here is 8th grade daughter being recognized for her achievement.  There were over sixty kids in 8th grade receiving awards for their achievement so the principal had them stand when their names were called and go to the office to get their certificate after the assembly.  (She's the one in the white blouse.)

The three "besties" together getting ready to sing the National Anthem.  These girls had a trio solo at the choral concert the other night.  They sounded like angels together.  The sweetie on the left was the girl that was chosen to escort my daughter around school on her first day when we moved here.  They have been best friends since that day.  I prayed HARD for that girl.  Sometimes we can see answers to our can now see one of mine. There she is!  :)

Both girls with their certificates. 

And lastly, the graduation card we gave our sweet girl.  I am still in awe and speechless after today.  We moved to this town six months ago due to my husbands new job.  We uprooted our girls from the only place they have ever lived and we all began a new life here.  This new adventure was prayed for by so many people.  Friends, family, our church body and probably by people I will never ever know about.  I even had blogging buddies praying for us!  I am so very thankful that God has gently placed us here.  He has given my daughters good friends, teachers, a school system that really cares for them and so much more.  Today that was so obvious to me.

Today is all about me giving my Heavenly Father a high five and my two darling daughters as well.  This mama could not be happier!  :)


Ali said...

I'm so happy you found your home. Even more happy the girls are thriving in MI. Wish we could too! :(

Isn't that Mr. Jay in the pic with Shelby?? Handsome fellar. :)


Deb said...

Congratulations to two cuties!