Sunday, June 27, 2010

They Are Back

Well, the mighty campers are back.  I thought I would have a nice home cooked meal waiting on them when they walked in the door.  I made a pan of gooey brownies for dessert. 

A big roast in the crock pot that smelled so good the entire day while it was cooking.  The potatoes and carrots were roasting in the oven.  Comfort food.  Yum.

And this is what they had waiting for me.........................

Yup.  Mountains of laundry.  I counted up all the loads.  There are 14 to be exact.  Now is when I really wish we had a laundry mat business.  Hee hee.

These loads of laundry meant that my family had a good time at camp.  They told me that they learned more about Jesus this week.  One daughter showed me all the notes that she had taken during her lessons.  And she took a lot!  The other daughter told me she is thinking about getting baptized.  :)  God worked on their little hearts this past week.  And, God blessed me with some Shann time.  Time where I could reflect and recharge my mom and wife batteries.  And that is a good thing!

While unpacking suitcases, I walked into my daughters room and found this.  He looks like he is saying, "Nobody is leaving here without me again....Nobody!"  :)


Farmgirl Paints said...

Ahhh day is always on Monday. Looks like you will be keeping busy:) Your kitty sure is cute!

Sewn With Grace said...

Love the kitty in the suitcase! He looks annoyed to me! :) My daughter just got back from a week long mission trip in West Virgina. Her suitcase smelled so bad that I thought I might get sick! Wet clothes and heat do not mix well. Love how God works on their hearts. Have a great day!

Deb said...

I love your kitty and your food is making me hungry!

Ali said...

Glad the crew made it home safe and happy to hear about Tee-Tee's baptism thoughts. I'm not so happy to see your mounds of laundry. I am doing all of mine and only have 3 loads. I'll take mine. Oh yes, my kitties have the same look as Simon.....mad at me for leaving them. Romeo on the other hand showered us with love.

Sissy said...

Great Cat !..
So Nice !..

Ciao form Italy