Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mama got a new toy

Awhile ago, my hubby surprised me with a new toy.  Wasn't that so sweet of him?  It has been in it's box for a few months.  Yes, that's right....months.  Today I decided I was going to be brave and get her out.  It was time.  Why did I leave her in her box for so long you ask?  I was scared of her.  Yup.  Scared.  I was a big baby.  I am not a very good seamstress.  I really really have the passion to sew and the desire to learn, but I am afraid of failing.  But, today in the shower, (why does courage come in the shower?????) I decided today was the day I was going to try her out.

Here she is.  All plugged in.  She has the softest blue light for me to sew by.

She came with a DVD for me to learn how to use her.  Plus a really THICK book!!  EEKS!!! 

She even came with a little blanket to cover her up with when she is resting.  But, I think she will need a new prettier one when I figure out how to use her.  :)

And, she even came with some accessories.  There are several little feet in this bag.  Don't know what they are for, but I am going to figure it out (if it kills me!

Wish me luck.  I am going to put that DVD in and learn how to thread her and wind her bobbin.  Here I go......gulp.

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