Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best Dads

My hubby left yesterday morning for church camp with my girls.  They will be spending the week back home together at camp.  He will be a family group leader this week to a lot of jr high kids.  My two included.  I don't get to celebrate Fathers day with him this year.  We had our celebration on Friday night before they left for the week.  I wanted to praise my hubby for the kind of father he is.  He is loving.  He likes to hug the girls every chance he gets.  He is a very hard worker for our family.  He likes to buy the girls things when they are out together.  Ice cream is usually top of the list.  He is very smart.  He likes to take our oldest fishing with him whenever they get a chance.  He is a good handyman around our home.  He loves our doggie Sophie.  He is a good daddy to our kids.

I am a very lucky girl.  I have a daddy that I can say is the best.  God certainly knew what He was doing when I got my father.  He is a hard worker.  He is very strong.  He is very smart.  He would help you in any way that he could if you needed it.  He is a good handyman.  He is kind.  He is quiet.  He is funny.  He is a good cook.  He is loving. He loves to eat hot and spicy things!   He is a good husband to my mom.  He is a wonderful PaPa to my girls.  He loves me.  He is the best.

My father in law is also the best.  I got him almost 20 years ago when I married my husband.  He is kind.  He has a tender heart.  He tells the funniest jokes.  He smells good.  He likes to give hugs when he sees you.  He likes to cook.  He was a hard worker for his family.  He has a great laugh.  He is a good husband to his wife.  He is a good Papaw to my girls.   He passed on some of his qualities to my husband and I am thankful for that!

So you see, I am one lucky girl.  I have fathers in my life who are just the best.  Happy Fathers Day!!!  I love you all very much!  XOXOXOX

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Ali said...

We have the BEST Dad in the world!!!!

Sissy in D.C. :)