Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flowers Galore

Awhile ago I was complaining about not having any flowers in my yard yet and I was having serious flower envy with those in my neighborhood that had them.  I love flowers!!  I think they just soften a yard and make it look more homey.  (Is that a word?)  Anyway, I finally have the ones in for this year.  Next year, when the budget allows, we will put in more...hopefully.  :)

Mailbox flowers...

The cottage wall I have always wanted.  The gentleman that built that just constructed it with his own two hands.  I bet he made awesome snow forts when he was a kid!  :)

Under the deck.

Shade plants under the deck.

South side of the house.

Weeping cherry tree.  I missed her showing off this spring.  I will have to wait until next year to see how pretty she turns out.  I believe she is pink.

Hydrangea and daisy's are in there.  Be still my heart.  :)

More of the south side of the yard.

Front of the house.  Can't wait until those plants mature.  There are three lime light hydrangea's in there.  Oh la la.

Russian Sage by the front door. 

Deck flowers my sweet neighbor Stephanie gave to me.  Cosmo's.  Aren't they just the happiest things? 

Very pretty geranium.

The flower boxes I planted.  They are still a little sparse.  Can't wait to see them get big and show their stuff!

And lastly, Taylor and my little butterfly garden.  She and I planted flowers that will attract lots and lots of butterflies.  Hopefully.  There are Shasta daisy's in there and Cone flower and a Butterfly Bush (pink of course) and two kinds of Sun Flowers and another Russian Sage and Cosmo's and Zinnias.  We are excited to watch what happens with it. 

Like I said...now I have flowers galore!  (Anyone want to come weed with me?)  Hee Hee

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