Saturday, May 23, 2009

They would rather read......

Today was the first official day of summer vacation. I gave my daughters the option of going to see the new "Night At The Museum" movie. But, they chose instead to go to Borders and get some new books for the summer. How lovely is that???? We were in there for over an hour while they browsed and picked their selections. They both read all the way home. Then one went outside to read and the other went to her room. I love the little nest the youngest made with the two lawn chairs. Pillow, cool cotton sheet and a book. All under a shade tree. Gotta love that kid! My oldest started in her room, then moved to the couch to be next to the cat. Kitties make reading better, don't ya know. :)
I hope this becomes a good habit this summer. Reading and being lazy under a shade tree. Maybe I should follow their footsteps and do the same thing? Nah....I would rather sew.
Now where is that lemonade? :)


Dawn Gahan said...

I soooo get this post. Such joy seeing a child cuddled into a book. Love these girls!


Big O said...

Wow they love reading Like NaNa. A book is a best friend on lonely or boring day. Spoken as a pre-teen or teenager would say. Go for it Girls. There is nothing as good, as a interesting story I love you both. Big O