Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flea Market Day

Wow! It has been awhile since I have put anything on here. Busy busy busy I guess is my excuse. Last Sunday my sister and two girlfriends took our annual pilgrimage to the closest flea market, that I know of, together. We left early because it is a little over an hour to get there from our houses.

I think it is always so interesting to see what other people buy. I caught myself several different times asking "what do you suppose they are going to do with that?" For instance, this guy.

What the heck? At first I was a little worried about him but then we saw the "other half" of his purchase with the woman with him. I am still a bit worried about him. :)

Then there was this lovely chair. My girls told me we did not have enough room for that in the car, so sadly I had to leave it behind.

You know I am kidding about this chair.....right? This would soooo not go with my Shabby Chic style.

And Bambi was at the market as well. Except we were not sure why she was riding on a two wheel cart?????? No room for her in the car as well.

But there was some of this stuff going on that we did enjoy.

Yummy tenderloin sandwiches.......yum!

But mostly there was giggling and smiling and laughing and being plain silly. We did not get any fleas at the that was good. Hee Hee.... But we did make some fun memories of a beautiful sunny day together. Can't beat that!

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Ali said...

I did not purchase a butt and legs, but I do love my Susan Sometimes book and alllllll my bingo cards.