Sunday, May 10, 2009

Moms Rock!

Happy Mothers Day! I hope you were able to enjoy and relax some of your day today if you are a mother. We did! First, we started our day with church. It was so nice being back this Sunday since we were in Florida last week. I don't like missing church! After church, we had a little lunch (that I did not have to make in it's entirety, so that was lovely.) We had some friends and family over for dessert and coffee. Very nice. Hubby ordered pizza for dinner so I did not have to do a thing with that. Very, very nice. Then hubby made the kids snacks before bedtime so I did not have to do that today either. Very, very, very nice. :)
I have a friend who we celebrated with today. She is the older sister that I did not get. She had a terrible marriage for 23 years. Her husband was verbally and mentally abusive to her. She had one son with that man. He informed her while she was delivering her son that if that baby was a boy, they were NOT going to have any more kids. One was enough. When she had her son she cried. Not because she was disappointed that he was a boy...but because she knew he was the only child she would ever be able to have.
Her husband was/is a wealthy farmer where we live. When the son grew up and graduated from high school, she knew it was time to leave her husband. He had always threatened her that if she were to ever leave him, he would keep their son away from her and she would have no contact with him. Nice guy, huh? Well, she could not take the abuse any more and she left when her son was raised. And, her husband kept his word. He tried his darnedest not to let that son have anything to do with his mother. Threats came and came that if he had any contact with his mother, the family farm and inheritance and all the land and millions that they owned would go to a farm hand and not to the boy. So, the son and mother would sneak to see and talk to each other when they could. When they knew that no one was watching them and running back to tell the ex husband.
Seven years ago the son had terrible stomach pains on Christmas Eve. He called his mom and told her how bad the pain was and that he was going to the hospital. She knew it sounded bad so she took her chances on sneaking in to see him. After all, who can hold back a mama when her baby is sick and needs her? She did see him, only briefly, and he urged her to leave because if his father came in and saw her there "he would have hell to pay." And, since the mama loved her child so much and she knew the hell he would have to pay since she herself had lived it for 23 years, she left the hospital.
A few hours later she got a call from a friend who told her that her only child had died. The ex husband never called her to tell her that their son had passed away. Evil at it's finest.
My dear sweet friend is a Christian. She is an example of who I want to be in my walk. She is still trusting the Lord with her life. She could of turned her back on God and been angry for taking her son. She wanted a relationship with him on this earth so badly! She prayed and prayed for that for years after she left. But what God had in mind was something different. He is going to let her spend eternity with her son. Oh how she is holding onto that promise!!!
So for Mothers Day, she comes to my house to celebrate. There is NO WAY this sweet friend of mine is going to be forgotten on this day for Mothers. She is just to special to me for that to happen. She loves to fish so we bought her a pink and purple tackle box. We also got her a gift card to McDonald's because she loves their coffee. :) She told me she loved her day....even though her son is not here to celebrate with her. That is God, isn't it?

I made up two of these little flour sifters for my sister and another girlfriend who came to our house today. I thought they turned out pretty cute. Hope the plants stay alive in them.

This is me sporting my new Minnie Mouse apron my husband brought back to me from Disney secretly! Isn't it cute!

And lastly, these little people are the reason I got to celebrate today and why I call myself a mom. :)

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Dawn Gahan said...

I meant to drop you a comment and thank you for the sweet words about Harleigh's prom pix!

Loved your Disney pictures. Makes me want to go there again. Haven't been since Harleigh was little, and I'm sure it's magical no matter what age! (You and hubby are prime examples!)