Monday, May 25, 2009

My Party...The Circus

Just got home from my sisters house where she hosted my little party. She decorated everything in a circus theme. It was soooo cute!! Here are some pictures I wanted to share.

The table was adorable! She had an old quilt turned upside down and a little antique green cloth with the tiniest yellow rick rack on the edge. I accidentally spilled something on it and told her that I would love to take the table coverings home with me to wash them for her. You know...since I spilled something on them. (Wink Wink!) But, she knew what I was up to and told me she could get the stains out herself. Aw shucks! ;)

She had this little container of popcorn set up in the middle of the table. Cuz circus tents always have popcorn!

Here are the little napkins she got for me. Aren't they lovely!?!?!?!?! And the little red silverware tied with gingham ribbon. Too stinkin cute!!

She and my nephew filled the hurricane glass with sand and animals from his room. We had a giraffe, a horse, a tiger, a snake and a lion inside. Oh my!

And the night would not of been complete without these little favorites of my dad's. Circus Peanuts! HA! Actually, I love them to.

Aren't I a lucky girl to of had such a nice birthday party? Yup....I sure am. :)

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