Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reality Stinks!

Well, here I am.....back home from the Happiest Place on Earth. And, it stinks!! I am ready to go back!!!! We had the most wonderful time playing. Without kids in Disney is actually quite fun! Who knew?!?!?!?!?! It felt strange at first....but we got over it!! As you can tell by the pictures.....we did not need our girls to have fun at Disney. We had so many interesting things happen to us. God was there and showed Himself in several ways. It was awesome!

Let me share some of our trip with you....ready? Here goes.

First, we wore a lot of silly 3D glasses on this trip. I believe this pair was in the Muppet Theatre. Kermit and Fozzie and Gonzo were all there with us. :) Gotta love pictures where the subjects take the picture themselves. Someone always gets partially cut off. Or they do when I am holding the camera with my short arms.

This one is one of my favorite rides in Magic Kingdom. We did not get a chance to ride them last year when we went with my sissy and nephew and kids. So, I HAD to ride them this year! I picked the pink tea cup....of course!!

This was our first time watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. And, might I add, it will NOT be our last. They were amazing!!!! My little camera took this picture. Isn't it cool!?!?!!? They put lights on the Castle at night and with the fireworks and music that they just added to all the magic. Ahhhhhhhhh........

I took this one of us in Epcot on the Nemo ride. I believe our mode of transportation was a clam shell. Can't say that everyday, now can you? HA! It appears that once again I have cut off a portion of my husband taking our picture. Sorry honey!

And lastly, here is one of me and my girl. Isn't she lovely! I told my husband that WHEN I get a studio room of my very own.....this big Minnie is coming home with me and she will reside in my studio. :)

And, that is it for our little get away to Disney and sunny Florida. Tomorrow we are planing a little Mothers Day get together with family and friends. It is supposed to be sunny here with a high almost 70. Not quite the 90+ degree weather I am used to, but I'll take it! I want to encourage anyone reading this little blog of mine, that if you have a chance to get away from your everyday life and refresh and reconnect with your spouse....please take it. It does not have to be at Disney either. I forget how important it is to be me....Shann....sometimes. Us mama's have so many hats that we wear. And, sometimes we need breaks from all those hats. We can't be good mothers if we are not being good to ourselves a little as well.

Well, I will step down from my soap box now and wish all of you a very happy Mothers Day! Talk to you tomorrow!! :)

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