Friday, May 29, 2009

She is Eleven!!

Our youngest daughter turned 11 years old yesterday! She waited very patiently the whole day for her party to begin. She asked her grandpa if he would fry fish and homemade french fries for her birthday dinner. He told her that was a lot of work....but she was worth it. So, fish and fries we had! And they were very tasty too! We came back to our house to open gifts and have dessert and sing the "song." She really wanted a bike for her birthday. A pink bike.

So, here she is ready for hours of riding pleasure this summer. :) She also wanted this Wii game and Nana and Papa came through with it.

More smiles.....and Nana had a special cake for her with two candles that are supposed to look like the number 11.....and a big chocolate chip cookie decorated with her name on it as well. Blow hard my little one....

She is turning into a young lady right before our eyes. She is very into fashion and her hair. She likes to wear make up....but only around the house. Blush and lip gloss is all. She likes to draw and make crafts. She is learning how to crochet but it is so hard for me to teach her since she is a lefty like her dad and I am a righty....but we are working on it. She loves to listen to music. She could watch High School Musical over and over again....she actually has! She will help me with chores around the house when asked. She is a good girl. She is kind and soft spoken. But, she can get her point across when needed (just ask her big sister!) She is my baby and she is 11 years old now.

We are having another party on Saturday to celebrate with both sides of our family. So, there will be more food and fun coming! What a lucky girl she is!!!

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cammy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby....such a cutie! My grandmother used to make homemade french fries. Oh So Yummy!