Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Duck Awards

Tonight my daughter was invited to an awards banquet at our church. The sponsors called it The Duck Awards. Taken after the Dove Awards. Catchy huh? :) The night was for Jr and Sr High kids that attend the youth groups at our church. My daughter was awarded THREE awards tonight!!! Her daddy and I are so proud of her!!!! One was called "The Daniel Award." Her youth pastor told us this was given to her because of her ability to pray when called upon or just volunteering to pray without being asked. The second award was "The Commitment Award." This was for her commitment to the youth group. She is always up for the service projects and helping to serve others and be there for all the fun outings they have for the kids as well. The last award was the biggest. She received "The Preener of the Year Award." Her youth pastor explained it as this....he calls the kids ducklings. The reason is because ducks have a gland on their bodies that secrete an oil that goes on their feathers. When the ducks preen they put this oil on their feathers. This oil protects the down that is underneath their feathers. It keeps them warm in waters and keeps them healthy. He wants the kids to be like ducks. Whatever Satan or this world throws at the kids....he wants Jesus to be the "oil" that protects their underneath.....their souls and hearts. Without this protection, the ducks would die. So would our kids. :(

Here are her awards for the evening.....

She has some fantastic sponsors that give of their time and hearts to the kids. This sweet gal is very very very dear to me. Her name is Rachel. She was my daughters baby sitter when she was in high school. Now she is in college and is going to become a teacher someday. Any child who is placed in her class will be EXTREMELY blessed. She is so special to me and to my family. She came on board to help in this ministry this last year. My daughter adores her!!

This last picture shows some of the sponsors and Shelby. They are all wonderful people! They all dressed up tonight in prom dresses and one gal even had her wedding dress on but it was dyed yellow. And it still fit her!! What a cutie! The kids were dropped off at a sponsors house but they had a surprise waiting for them to take them to the church.....a huge stretch limo!! I am sorry to say that I do not have a picture of that....but it was white and very very long. :) The kids were treated like royalty tonight and they were called out individually for their accomplishments through out the year. I am so thankful for this group of people. They love my daughter and are Godly influences in her life. They are helping her dad and myself to raise her to be a child of The King. We are very very proud of you Shelby Anne! Love...your mama. XOXO


Big O said...

WoW what Great night You Had. We are so very proud of our Grand-daughter. She has very loving parents that are guiding her to be the beautiful young lady she is becoming. 3 Ducks Wow again. Keep up the good work. We love you. NaNa and PaPa

Ali said...

Nanny and cousin Colin is very proud of you too! Way to go!