Saturday, May 23, 2009

Being Sneaky

My sister spent a couple days in Washington DC for work. She has a very hectic, busy, stressful job and this trip was something she was not looking forward to in the least. My nephew stayed with me while she was away. We had a nice time together even though we were busy with school, work and baseball games. The kids got out of school on Wednesday at 2:00. So, we headed over to her house to get the place spruced up before she got home.

We mowed the lawn so she would have a nice fresh cut green carpet waiting for her.

We got all her flowers watered so they were not thirsty when she came home. (This little bucket is one of her flea market finds. Don't the geraniums look good in there? Too cute!!)

We put up Welcome Home signs on her garage door. We thought it looked like a patchwork quilt on her garage door when we drove away! :)

And lastly, we put a little peony flower in a vase to make the house smell good. It was nice for her to be home again even though she was only gone for a couple days, we missed her. And, I think it is good to teach the kids to do thoughtful things for others....just because. Good life lessons...don't ya think? :)

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Ali said...

And I loved every, little, special present left for me. Thanks so much for taking care of my little boy. Even if you did let my cats run away. :)