Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old Friends

Well, this was simply a wonderful weekend for me!  I was blessed by two of my most special friends coming up to see little ole me!  On Thursday my dear friend Kim came for her first ever trip to Michigan.  We had so much fun yakking and drinking coffee and running around together for an entire day!  I hated to see her drive out of the driveway, but she promised she would return with her family the next time.  And I didn't have to arm wrestle her for the promise either.  :)

Then, Saturday morning my friend Darla came to see me.  We ate and drank coffee together and yakked about all kinds of stuff and went to church this morning.  It was a lovely day!  Once again, I was sad to watch her drive away from my home as well.  She to, promised to come back and see me again soon.  No arm wrestling was involved with her either!  :)

What is it about spending time with girl friends that can make you so gosh darn happy?  :)

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