Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Game

 I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she had this game she was passing on to anyone who wanted to play along.  So, I thought I would. 

How did you meet your spouse?

His parents lived close to mine when we were very little.  He came to my first birthday party.  My mom has a picture of both of us together at my party with party hats on.  My baby book says that he gave me a puppy pull toy for my gift.
Birth weights of your children?
8'8 and 9'3

Favorite Subject to teach?
I do not home school....but I do like to teach cooking to my daughters.

Favorite TV Show?
I don't watch TV but when I do sit down to see something, I have a thing for Martha Stewart On Demand.  Something that has to do with our cable system?  Don't really know much about it.  :)

Last date you were on with just your spouse?
We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on October 6th.  We went out with our new friends, Kathy and Dan who also celebrated their anniversary on the same day!  Before that....I have no idea. 

Least favorite household chore?
Cleaning our walk in shower.  I loathe it!!

What do you like to do in your" spare" time?
Sew, Cook, Read, Listen to music, practice my violin (when the strings are not broken!)

Small town or big city?
Well, I have lived in both.  I am now in a much bigger city than where I spent most of my life in.  I would have to say big city.  One thing about small towns is gossip.  Can't stand that!!  I life is just so fascinating that someone has to talk about it????  HA!  

How long have you been married?
20 years

Were your children born at home or at the hospital?
I had two definitely in the hospital.  Would of hated to do that at home with my husbands fillet knife he uses for cleaning fish!  ;)

How many states and which ones have you lived in?
4 states.  Illinois, New Mexico (hubby was in the Air Force), Indiana and now Michigan.

What is your favorite flower?  
The Daisy!!  ;)

What is the biggest challenge your children present you with? that we have moved to a bigger city, it is knowing who their friends are and trying to let them go a little.  Especially with the boys who like my oldest beautiful daughter. It all comes down to trust.  I know the mistakes I made as a teen-age girl and I do not want them to make the same ones.  I know they need to make them to learn but if only I could save them the heartache....isn't that what a mama wants to do?  Protect her chicks?  :) 

Where do you dream of visiting?
Italy and England.  But, I would go to Paris with my sister (since she really really really wants to go)  if she needed a travel companion.  I mean if she twisted my arm or anything.  :)

If you could live in any country, which one would you choose?
I would say Italy
Favorite board or card game?
Since it was one of the first games my Grandma taught me...I will go with Kings In The Corner.  :)

Feel free to copy and paste this post and fill in with your own answers. 

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