Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Has Come To My House

I made a list last week when I began my first day not working anymore.  I don't think I mentioned yet that I gave my notice at my last employer.  It was just not working out for me working there.  I do miss the girls that worked there something awful though!  They became very dear to me.  Anyway, I decided to make a list of "Things To Do While I Am Not Working."  The first thing I put on my list was to decorate the house for fall.  Since we were moving last fall, I decided not to get all that stuff out.  I missed it since fall is my most favorite time of the year.

 I bought some $1.00 silk leaves in the dollar bins at Target.  I strung them onto some kitchen twine and created a long banner of leaves for above my windows.  It looks pretty cute and it was cheap to boot!  Thought I would share some of my little decorations with you.

Have you read the book "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?"  Well, I told my sister that was me yesterday.  I was the little mouse.  Except my story went like this...."If you give Shann a list.....she will get out her fall decorations from the basement.  Then she will decide her living room needs rearranged.  Then she will decide the baseboards need wiped down.  Then she will decide the curtains are dusty and she will wash them.  Then she will decide the blinds need cleaned.  Then she will think the windows need washed.  Then she will put the furniture back in place.  Then she will dust and make everything sparkle with cleaner and smell so very good.  Then she will decorate for fall.  The End.

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Ali said...

Go, Go, Go and then go some more why don't you.