Sunday, October 17, 2010

Homecoming 2010

My daughter celebrated her first homecoming as a high school student Friday night.  She began the night with a friend eating dinner at Culver's before the game.  They moved onto the high school for the parade.  The Freshman class float was Toy Story she told me.  The floats were all Disney themed.  Isn't that cool?  :)  After the parade, the game began.  But, not after the chorus sang the National Anthem.  My girl is the one on the lower right side.  These kids can sing!!

They won the game.  53 to 31!!  After the game was the dance.  Much different that when I was in high school ten years ago.  Ahem.  Just kidding.  I mean 29 years ago as a freshman!!  Oh goodness does that sound like forever ago...

But one thing that has not changed in 29 years is the importance of good girl friends and fun and giggles.  The more giggles the better.  And, I am quite sure this group of gals laughed a lot Friday night.  :)

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