Thursday, October 21, 2010


 Last night was both daughters choral concert for the fall.  High school daughter gets to wear uniforms for her year in choir.  Yeah!  Now we don't have to frantically go out looking for an outfit.  If you are the mother of a daughter, you know exactly what I mean.  :)  Here is daughter #1 with a few of her friends.  Aren't they all so pretty?

These two cuties also sang last night in the 7th grade choir.  Daughter #2 and her good friend.  They were so cute getting ready for the concert together.  Lip gloss, hair stuff, tights, shoes.....girlie stuff. 

They had two cellist's play last night at the concert.  Oh they were good!  So nice to see kids playing stringed instruments.  I love the violin and cello so much!

The big girls kept saying they looked like nuns in their uniforms.  So, they had to strike a pose.  :)

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