Friday, October 8, 2010

Apple Pie Filling

 A year ago or possibly longer,  I came upon a recipe for homemade apple pie filling.  I have been wanting to make it since I found it on her blog.  Today was the day because I do love apple pie.  The thought of canning was a bit scary for me since I have never done it solo without my dear mama.  But, I felt up for the challenge and off I went to purchase my supplies for the goodness that was about to unfold.

Ever wonder what 10 pounds of apple peels looks like?  Now you know.  :)

All the apples peeled, cored and sliced soaking in a nice cool bath of lemon water.

Clean jars ready to be filled.

This was the yummy carmel sauce that was ready to be poured over the apples in the jars.  Oh my was this stuff sticky and yummy.

When my parents came up last time to visit I had them bring up a big pot so I could make something yummy with all this fruit and veggies from Michigan.  Maybe I should share a jar with them since they let me borrow it?  Want some mom?  :)

And lastly, here are a couple jars all finished.  It was a lot of work.  But, it was something fun to do last night.  And, the sound of ping ping when the lids sealed was music to my ears!  That means it worked!  Yippee!!  It will be nice to have something yummy when the snow is flying again.  And, there is something satisfying knowing that I made it myself.  Even if it does make me feel a wee bit like this gal........

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Big O said...

Yes you may share a jar with me....but I want to come visit you in Michigan to eat SAVE PLEASE. I am proud of my girl she tries about anything. Sometimes she calls MOM!!!!!