Thursday, December 3, 2009

Noodle Making 101

While at my moms house this past week, I got a lesson on noodle making. She is recovering from hip replacement surgery so my sister, daddy and I were the cooks for Thanksgiving dinner this year. But, she did take time to sit with me at the kitchen table and make some noodles. She did not have all her tools she normally uses. My dad was "helping" in the kitchen and moved some of her things out. Like her wooden cutting board that she uses to roll the noodles out. Oh well..we managed. My cousin, Dwight, gave her this noodle cutter for Christmas about 40 years ago she said. She still uses it today.

What a mess I made!!
The finished tray of noodles. Yum!

The floor under our feet. Whoops!

My cell phone after Lori called to see what I was doing. :)
Mom said that it was easy to make noodles. Doesn't really look like it was that easy for me. Although we did get them done. Mom helped with most of it. I liked to work the dough to much. That is why I still buy Pillsbury pie crust to this day! Dough and I don't really get along. Flour either by the way it appears. But you know what? I will ALWAYS remember that day with my mama. Rolling out noodles and laughing at them not cutting the way she wanted them to. And flour everywhere.

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Ali said...

They were YUM-O, so you must have gotten it right. See you tomorrow!!!