Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a Cookie Kind of Day

It is snowing outside today. And, there is a Winter Weather Watch for my town tonight. Eeks!! Daughter #2 has been home from school the past two days with a terrible nasty cold. Poor Hubby is stuck out of state due to the bad weather we have coming. His flight got canceled and today is his birthday! With all that happening....I decided today would be a good day to bake cookies. Today is the first time I have actually baked in my new house. While Christmas shopping with Lori last month, I bought a cookie press. I just love the way those little cookies look. Today was the day I broke her out of the box.

Found one of my aprons in a box in the basement still unpacked..hee hee.... and tied her on.
Made the classic vanilla spritz dough.

Got out the little discs I thought I would be cute to use. I liked the little Christmas tree.

Fired up my new gas stove. Let's see how she does....shall we?

Cookie sheet and mat ready for business.

Looking good so far....green, red and white sprinkles to make them look festive.

I HAD to put pink sprinkles on some of them. Pink is not just for Easter. Right?? :)

They are beginning to smell good...almost ready.

Ta da!! What's that? One is missing? I had to try them...you know...to make sure they were delish for everyone who will be eating them. Hee hee!

And here they are, ready to be given out to some of those I love this weekend when we go home.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh those turned out so cute. I love sugar cookies. My hips don't but...that's another story:) Your apron is pretty too. Perfect thing to do with nasty weather coming.

Barb said...

Can't think of a better way to break in that new oven. Yum!