Friday, December 18, 2009


I forgot to tell you about our trip home to Illinois last weekend! Shame on me! It was a weekend for birthday celebration of the biggest proportion. On Friday while taking the kids to school, I snapped this picture in our subdivision. These trees were breathtaking! My little camera does nothing justice. Is it to late to ask Santa for a better one? Huh honey? I mean Santa? :)

Here is our house covered with snow snow snow!

Hubby and his yummy coconut cake my sissy made for him. We celebrated his birthday with my family on Friday night when we got home. We had pizza from our local pizza joint (man do we miss that yummy pizza!)

Saturday was two other birthday celebrations at lunch. Our birthday club had two beautiful ladies birthday's to celebrate. Some pretty decorations my sissy had on her table for us.

Yummy baby lemon bundt cakes with glaze and raspberries for dessert. Oh yum!

One of the beautiful birthday girls we celebrated.  Can you see this adorable cookie pan she got as a gift?  I am sooo wanting one of these.  Very very cute.  They are little gingerbread house cookie molds.  She also got some little tiny gumdrops to decorate them with.  ADORABLE!!  Hello Santa?

The second birthday girl!  Isn't she beautiful as well?  She is one of the most amazing Christian women I know.  If you want something prayed for....she is a warrior.  Let me tell you!  :)

And that is it....our wonderful weekend back home.  Dorothy was right....there really is no place like it!

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Big O said...

WOW what yummy cakes....I owe Mark one for not leaving ours. I would have never have known if not for the party people....Happy Birthday and love to you all