Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

The 8th was my husbands birthday. He was out of state for work. Supposed to be home that evening of his birthday. Well....snow came and they cancelled his flight so he did not make it home for his special day. He did make it home the next morning though. Here are some highlights of our little party with just the four of us.

Some birthday cheer we put up for him.

More cheer......

Ilini clock for his desk.....

Little Sophie girl right beside him in "their" chair. :)

New boots for the snow. By the looks of things...he is soooo going to be needing these things! :)

Daddy and darling daughter #1....

Daddy and darling daughter #2

His Hershey's chocolate birthday cake. He ate a piece when he got home before I could take a picture of it! I guess it was his cake. :)

Making a wish and blowing! Happy 43rd Birthday Mark! Hope your next year will be good for you!

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Ali said...

Hurry up and come home, we've got more partying to do!