Friday, December 11, 2009

Let it Snow...Let it Snow....Let it Snow!

Well, it's official. We had and survived our first Michigan snow! It was beautiful coming down!! The trees are just stunning! I can not even begin to describe how beautiful it is. Let's see if I am still singing this song come March. HA! Here are some pictures of our day. If I had all my goodies that I needed to make Christmas yummies...I would of baked. I will be more prepared next time. Still learning about this wonderful place......

Somewhere under this bundle is my little 11 year old. She had so much fun in all the white stuff!

Making snow angels.....

He looks happy and jolly in this picture....but he was cold and tired of shoveling snow! I bet he was thinking..."this is going to be a looooooong winter."

Back inside, Taylor wanted to draw pictures for a friend of hers and mama had hot cocoa ready for warming up her insides from playing in all that snow!

This is for you!

And lastly, Sophie and me. We are going home to see our family today in Illinois! The car is packed and ready to go. As soon as the kids get picked up from school we are out of here! Can't wait to see everyone that I love back home and go to church with all our church family. It is amazing that we have only been gone two weeks but it feels like two months! Mama....I am coming home!!! See you soon! XOXOXOX

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