Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Past

My sister and nephew are here for a visit before Christmas. We were looking at other ladies blogs and enjoying their Christmas pictures from long ago. I remembered that I had some vintage pictures copied of our Christmases long ago. Thought maybe I would share them with you to.

I seem to be very interested in our conversation. Wish I remembered what was said.

Christmas card my parents sent out my second Christmas.

My sister and I loooooove this picture! It is my daddy at his first Christmas and his Aunt Doris. Look at the things Santa brought them under the tree. For that matter...look at that darling tree!! And chair and kids and we love this picture!!

This picture makes me look like I am not quite sure about this Santa. The first thing that comes to mind is that quote from the movie Elf.....maybe I am thinking he stinks like beef and cheese. HA!

My sissy and I also love this one of daddy and his girls. Don't we all look happy!

Our parents looking very groovy on Christmas morning. Love my moms bathrobe. :)

And this one is our sister very very unhappy sitting on Santa's lap. It appears even a candy cane is not doing the trick. I remember her really not liking Santa for a very long time. She has since changed her tune. We are all fans of the big guy now.


Big O said...

OH The memories It seems Like just yesterday...Our Girls

Dawn said...

Is Alison going to hit the big guy or what? These are awesome!

Libbie said...

THese pictures are sooo great! Makes me want to dig through old family photos! I really LOVE your 2 year old card AND the one by the tree :) VEry precious...Thanks for sharing them!