Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day Out

My husband and I got treated to a night out again last night without the kids. We have Nana and Papa to thank for it. (Thanks very much you two dearies!) We started our Valentines day celebration by using a gift certificate we already had to our favorite BBQ place. It was really good last night! We are hosting bible study at our house this evening. We did not have adequate lighting in our living room the last time we hosted study, I thought. And, one of our lamp shades, got to close to a candle and kind of burned it. really burned it. Whoops!! So, we were on the hunt for some new lamps. First, we looked at Target. Found some we liked but decided to check at Lowe's since they have a nice selection of lamps as well and both stores are next door to each other. We found some we liked better at Lowe's, so we got them. Hurray!

After Lowe's, we stopped off at Starbucks. Yum! I had the iced beauty on the left. My husband had the coffee on the right. Notice it is tinted a pretty shade of pink? (Maybe my pink obsession is rubbing off on him! HA!) He had some raspberry flavoring put in his. And, the little treat we shared was a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing on it. It was pretty good!

We came home and did some work at church for this morning and listened to the worship band practice then came home to watch the news and go to bed. I think it is always strange to be in the house at night without our girls. I catch myself being quiet when I don't have to be. I turned up the music last night LOUD just because I could and laughed at myself. :) Those moments don't happen a lot around here. I know that one day my little birdies will be gone from my nest and I will miss them greatly. But last was nice just being husband and wife again and celebrating a day for lovers. Hope yours was fun whatever you did as well!

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